Mr. Crazycakes Hates The World

I was embarrassed to read a blog post lately where an author tore apart the agent that had rejected him.  He named names, published private emails between the two of them, pointed out all of the agent’s perceived flaws, and generally went to town. I cringed inside. Of course the agent didn’t look bad…the agent looked astute and wise for passing on Mr. Crazycakes.  I never want to have anything to do with that author, seeing as he’s full of venom and can’t control his temper.  He might rip out my jugular for looking at him askance, and I tend to look at everybody askance at least once.

Yes, our blogs are our stomping grounds.  And yes, perhaps only four people and a buncha bots stop by, but don’t forget that you’re putting your thoughts and words out there forever.  Ranting and raving feels really, really good at the time, but ten seconds later you’ll look down to discover that you just shot yourself in the foot.  Everybody is wary of a Mr. Crazycakes.

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  1. Ah, I see what you’ve done here. This cake is crazy; but this one is sane. Mmmm…

    I want to read Mr. Crazycakes blog.

  2. There are lots of Mr (and Mrs) Crazycakes out there – I know, I’ve slush read.

    I’ll never understand it myself, I mean rejection is just rejection, nothing personal. I wonder if Mr Crazycakes will find respresentation elsewhere…


  3. That’s just a case of someone not controlling their impulses. It’s sad, but he’ll probably regret it later. Unfortunately, there are somethings we can’t delete or take back.

    Always think before you react!

    7 is right. Rejection is just rejection, if there is a reason someone doesn’t want your work, move on and go to the next person. Not everyone has to enjoy your stuff. It only takes one. But that one may look the other way if there are temper issues.

    No one likes high-maintenance people. And aren’t we, as writers, needy enough as it is?? 😀

  4. Amazing how much some people like to shoot themselves in the foot. It’s the kind of thing for which one excuses a ten year old. But after that it’s just pretty sad.

  5. I’m sure he’ll regret his words one day. We’ve all used the cliches ‘burning ones bridges’ and ‘sh*tting where one eats’. Both probably apply here in this online world of networking.

  6. Speaking purely personally, if I can tell that you’re going to be hard to work with as soon as I read your cover letter, I’m inclined to take your submission much less seriously.

    I’ll still read it, and I’ll still hope that it’s awesome and will prove me wrong and force me to publish it… but I can’t sit here and honestly say that crazycake talk doesn’t linger in the back of my mind.

    Oh, and if you feel the need to tell me off after a rejection, don’t be terribly surprised when resubmitting doesn’t play out well, either. We editors are scatterbrained sometimes (or maybe that’s just me) but we DO remember those we roll our eyes at. 🙂

    Great blog, great point, and down with Crazycakeville citizens. Really.

  7. You’ve looked askance at me about 600 times. I probably won’t rip out your jugular, though. Don’t worry.

    I like being the harmless kind of Mr. Crazycakes.

  8. Mr. Crazycakes is more tasteful than “dumb fuck.” But then you’ve always been classier than me ; )

  9. We’ve all been turned down, and if it happens again, yeah it might hurt each time, but ripping the person to shreds at least on line is CRAZY. I might go complain to my friend or honey, in person… or I might say something like, “wow they turned me down but had great advice, that rocks they said they liked my work, but it wrong for the publication.” Remember just because place A turns you down once, you can keep trying other places and go back to them when you have a different piece that you think will work.

  10. Ken, of course you do! That’s because you’re a trouble maker. 😉

    7, it’s true that brilliant-but-difficult people abound and find success, so perhaps we’ll be reading _Life According To Mr. Crazycakes_ soon. But with so many authors out there, I don’t think somebody would deliberately seek out somebody so…um, volatile.

    Hinny-Needy? Us? Whatever do you mean? 😉

    Katey, I totally cringed. I mean, ugh. Where is Crazycake’s mother?!

    Cate-I totally don’t advocate this type of behavior. But I also want to know which blog you’re talking about. 😛

    Alan- I still remember Jeremy D. Brooks saying that erasing something that you said online is like getting pee out of the pool. Impossible. And gross.

    Tracy-The literary world is really small, right? Everybody eventually finds out who is bonkers. And I LOVE the term “Crazycakeville”. I want to move there and name myself Queen!

    Simon, you could go for my jugular and I’d beat you up. I’m severely disappointed about your lack of gold body paint, btw. You let me down, friend.

    Jeremy-Or new to the Internet and not understanding the implications. I totally cringe.

    Ha, Natalie! You call it like you see it.

    That’s what friends are for, right, Laura? And I think you totally have the right attitude! 😀

  11. Wow. People. It would be fun to go off on someone, but only if they deserve, like they felt your old lady up or something, or slapped your momma. Rude, arrogant people suck.

  12. Was that from a month or two ago, some dummy was going toe-to-toe with like Janet Reid or Rachelle Gardner or some big agent? And Moonbat and Nathan Bransford blogged about it, and the whole thing just blew up in his face?

    That was fun.

  13. Needy? who’s needy?? I’m not needy. Are you saying I’M needy Mercedes? Cause if you are, you’re wrong…

    do you think I’m needy?


    (sorry, I’m slacking off when I need to be writing).

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