AAAAAEEEEEEEIIIiiiiiiii! (And A Giveaway)

My friends! I have wonderful writerly news, and I am going to scream it from the top of the bloggy mountaintops!


Yes, it’s true! I have just signed with the very cool Jason Yarn from Paradigm.  The world is full of roses and butterflies and stardust.  I feel that this will be a fantastic partnership, huzzah huzzah!  So I’m excited.  And when I’m excited, I want to celebrate.  And how do I want to celebrate? By having my first giveaway ever!

To enter, just leave a comment with an email so I can contact you. For extra points (but not extra entries) say something witty with the words “exquisite” “He-Man” or “narwhal” included.  Because I dearly love exquisite battles between He-Man and narwhals, or whatever wonderful thing you come up with.  Or just make me laugh.  There is nothing better than laughing.

“Ah, but my dearest Mercedes!” you are saying.  (And I know that is what you are saying.)  “What I really want to know is: what will I win? One cannot enter a giveaway without something being, well, given away!  Whatever shall it be?”

To which I answer, “That is for me to know and you to find out.” 

“Srsly?” you question.


“For realz?”

For realz.

“Wn dd I strt spekng n txt spk?”

I dunno, but stop it.

One week from today I will use to choose a comment at, you guessed it, random.  The winner will receive ONE book from my personal stash (and believe me, it’s an eclectic collection), THE BEST COOKIE RECIPE IN THE WORLD, and something crafty that I have made.  What will that be, you wonder?  Well, me too.  I won’t know until I make it especially for you. 

So yay!  Hooray!  I’m wonderfully excited about working with Jason and won’t you celebrate with me?  😀

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  1. Congratulations!

    I hope Mr Jason Yarn will fight for you like He-Man, facing down narwhals and lions and bears to get your exquisite work published.

    ; )


  2. Congratulations! That’s SO fantastic!

    I’m so excited that if I were He-man I would throw a narwhal in an exquisite display of enthusiasm 😀


  3. “In exquisite pain, He-Man pondered that it had been unwise to attempt to ride a dolphin into battle. Skeletor rode a narwhal, which was much more badass.”

    Congrats on becoming agented!

  4. Cate: kthxbai makes me laugh. I can trace it back to an episode of Yu-gi-oh: The Abridged Series. I…I cannot say more.

    Barry: He-Man probably has far finer taste than any of us even realize. Adam’s purple tights signify that.

    Tessa: Thanks! That ROCKED.

    Rebecca: That’s a fantastic idea! Let us ALL throw narwhals in exquisite displays of enthusiasm! 😀

    Marie: You’re talking in my type o’ secret code, my dear!

    Gabriela: Thank you! What part of Brazil? My brother used to live in Sao Paulo.

    Cynthia: It was a match made in Twitter/Query Tracker contest heaven! I’ll definitely post about it later.

    Livia: Thank you!

    Michele: Haha, Simon. That’s all I have to say. 🙂

  5. *pushes He-Man off* *sits up and rubs eyes* OMG that is EXQUISITE NEWS!!! *shoves He-Man as he makes another advance* Oof! Anyway, I’m totally happy for you. All of us are! Aren’t we, Narwhal? *looks to Narwal* *Narwal says something sonar-y*

  6. Mercedes?! Congratulations!

    The battle is halfway over. Now it can be his turn to send out all the packages and stalk book editors.

    Oh, and he-man, narwhal, and exquisite whats-it, just because I’m curious about your aforementioned craftiness. 😉

  7. YOU are made of pure golden win. That is beyond awesome, and I too would love to hear the story!

    I’d say something clever, but I don’t know how. So I’ll just say that I really think She-Ra v. Narwhal would be more exquisite, because She-Ra is more awesome.

  8. Well, congrats on getting an agent. Very cool news. I can only imagine your excitement when he snags you a contract. Fingers crossed.

  9. You’re going to have to do a lot of clicking, Mercedes. None of whom commented left their email address.

    Or you already have everybody’s. Which would be impressive.

  10. OMG! Something tells me gold stars isn’t going to make the grade for this one. This is a diamonds and roses occasion, right? So happy for you. Congrats!

  11. This is such exciting news! I am so happy for you. I know that I never comment, but that doesn’t mean I don’t read. If I had an exquisite He-man he would find you the best damn narwahl and offer it up to you like a gift. Your narwahl would take one look at you and love you forever. However, the He-man is mine and he goes home with me.

  12. Whoo hoo! Congrats on landing the exquisite He-man of an agent Jason Yarn! LOL! How did you like that one? Seriously though, I’m super excited for you!

  13. Best of luck with your agent! Love to hear such wonderful news. 🙂 He-Man and She-Ra were honeymooning in the Arctic. Truth be told they were both exquisitely cold as they had failed to take into consideration how very tropical their attires were, but still they wandered the frozen lands despite their new smurf-like color. It was during this blue period they happened across the narwhal. Even through chattering lips one could make out She-Ra’s words, “Exquisite beasts.” Alas, she froze shortly thereafter leaving He-Man to haul her back to the land for which they were properly dressed. The Caribbean.

  14. This is amazingly wonderful news!!! *hands over your very own kick ass sword of power* I wrestled it away from He-Man who was eventually forced to admit that your awesomeness completely eclipses his.

  15. I told you! 🙂

    I give you the interdimensional wombat salute. It involves cabbages and three fingers.

    And it’s probably not what you’re thinking.

  16. I want to enter this giveaway so hard JUST for your cookie recipe. Seriously, you guys. If you haven’t ever had them? They are amazing.

    I think I should get it (the recipe) just because I’m a fantastic person and friend. I’m also clever. Yes?

  17. Um, please forgive me for looking stupid, but what exactly is a narwal? I hope your He-Man of an agent is as great as you say he is. How exquisite for you, Mercedes, that is awesome 🙂 (That was a personal challenge to myself I can now check off my list as complete. Have a wonderful day.)

  18. Congratulations, Mercedes! Such an exquisite giveaway idea… even He-Man will want to enter this one. But I hear the narwhal can hack Watch out for him. 🙂

  19. Congratulations Mercedes! I’m so happy for you. You are an exquisite, no-holds-barred, Trojan He-Man of a writer and I couldn’t admire you more, even if you were a magical narwhal.

    Seriously though – you are one of the hardest working authors I’ve ever come across and absolutely deserve to stand atop the mountain, pounding your chest while screaming with pride. WHEEE!!!

  20. Congratulations to you, my most amazingly dear friend <3 I am sending you extra super strong deluxe whoooaaaaa feel good excitey vibes from here in Washington! You are amazing and deserve a herd of wild stilettos at your front door. They will gaze upon your fortunate situation and will forevermore live within the glorious walls of wherever you keep your shoes. And He-Man will shed a single exquisite tear while riding a narwhal to your front door so that he might also give you his most heart-felt and sincere congratulations.

    If you can't tell, I'm super proud of you =B

  21. Wootski! You know I’m awfully happy for you, m’dear. I’m so happy I could wrestle a narwhal wearing nought but my He-Man undies in an exquisite fight to the death.

    Or something like that.

    I will now allow you some time to scrub the image of me in He-Man undies from your cerebral cortex. Go ahead. I’ll wait. 😀

  22. Brenda: Thanks! Woo hoo! 😀

    C: “Narwhal says something sonar-y” has won my heart. THAT WAS AWESOME!

    Anthony: Happy dance with me! And when is your chapbook coming out?

    Alan: Perhaps I’m a bit terrified to find out what the narwhals consider the “He-Man Dance” to be…no, I’m intrigued. Definitely intrigued. 😉

    Thanks, Ray! I’ve missed you! 😀

    Nathalie: Heh heh. 😉

    Tracy: Oh my goodness, I am SO happy to turn that part over to him! HOO-frickin’-RAY, says I!

    Katey: I was never into dolls, but I had the She-Ra action figure and SHE RULED.

    Oh, Gef, you sweet talker. Here’s hoping that day comes!

    Thanks for all of your help, Damien! It is *fantastic* having somebody be so supportive during the process.

    Shad: I have most of them. But I’m delighted to stalk the new ones, of course. Bwa ha ha ha!

    Natalie: I’d assume that would be true. But naturally you were the one to bring it up. 😉

    Thank you, Regina!

    Andrea: Ooh, I’ll have to tell my husband that this is a diamonds and roses occasion! He did fist-bump me, though. 😛

    Thanks, ACD!

    Robin: He-Man for you and narwhal for me sounds like a fair deal. I’ll take it.

    Haha! Thanks, Heather!

  23. When He-man rides his white narwhal, he feels like an exquisite queen (battle-cat makes a bad mount, he’s much too furry)

    Congrats to you again, lovely laaaaaaady!

  24. Exquisite news! He-Man battles narwhals while balancing awesome cookies on his head.

    Your good pal,

  25. In the name of the giant Cookie monster, and as writer seeking agent, well done you!!!!

    Tell me the secret. Both of cookies and agent-seeking!

  26. well, giveaway or not, congrats are in order, my exquisite new friend! 😉 Wow, I managed to put in a big word, hope I impressed you! 😀
    Not joking now – congratulations and looking forward to reading your PUBLISHED book! 🙂

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  28. “There is no such thing as He-Man,” said the narwhal before exuisitely peeling a pomegranite with his tusklike protuberance.

    (those extra words of awesome are just for you)

  29. He-man is insanely pleased with your amazing accomplishments. He has sent his mighty narwals–with inter-changeable horns–to help in celebration. He wonders if some exquisite Key-lime Ice Cream is in order? So he sent along a pint or two just for you! 🙂

  30. Thank you, Heather!

    Kimberly: You do know that He-Man and She-Ra are siblings, right? Right?! 😉 This made me laugh.

    Rhonda: Haha! Thank you! He-Man shall bow to me!

    Masonian: Way to rock. Now go finish recording my song.

    X: Don’t forget that you’re pretty.

    Anon: Challenge completed EXQUISITELY.

    Alison: Narwhals are tricky creatures, so I hear.

    catie! Thank you! That is the nicest thing EVER! 😀

    Aaron: Haha, so your true colors bleed through. 😉

    Codi, you are so sweet! Let us board the narwhal and ride off together with He-Man!

    Simon: Do you mean He-Man’s fur undies, or little boy undies with He-Man on them?

  31. I step away for just a moment and things just go nuts! Okay, I’ve been away for more than a moment and this news isn’t nuts – it is simply brilliant!


  32. WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!!

    How the hell did I miss this amazing announcement. I was just over on BPV’s blog and saw that he announced (kindly) my news…AND YOURS!!!!

    I’m freaking out for you, Mercedes! Congratulations to you…enjoy the high…it’s killer.

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