February PLDG Graphic Novel Update!

Hello, my friends! We hope you have enjoyed a wonderful February full of love and hopefully warmth. Our hearts goes out to all of you who experienced the horrific weather this month. Please be safe and well. We care about you so much!

Bryony and Teddy Baker

We’d like to share another gorgeous piece that Orion completed! Look at the expression in their eyes. I’m simply blown away. This is so detailed and I can’t stop staring at it. He’s making fabulous progress and every piece of art he sends lights up my inbox like a star. I can’t wait to see everything put together!

Orion will soon be shipping out the commissions!  We ask that you take a moment and update your address to make sure everything arrives safe and sound. You can adjust your addresses on the survey form, but if you’re having any trouble, please feel free to email Orion and he’ll sort you out. He’s doing all of heavy lifting at the moment and I can’t express how much I appreciate him. Soon it will be my turn to help shoulder the load as we create a thing of wonder and beauty. Thank you for your support! You’re helping us turn a dream into reality.

With love,


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