Merry Christmas! And a Free Gift!

Oh, my friends. You have been so wonderful and patient. Orion Zangara has been such a star! The first PDF volume of Pretty Little Dead Girls: A Graphic Novel of Murder and Whimsy is finished! The backers will soon receive the print version, which they can hold in their hands, rifle through, and make little hats out of, if they wish. Their support has been absolutely instrumental! But for this very special holiday, we’d like to give everybody a free version of the PDF for your very own.

Thank you! We love you. Orion and I hope that you have a wonderful holiday season, and that your copy of Volume 1 of the PLDG Graphic Novel will add to that joy. Please feel free to share this link around, if you so desire. It is yours for the taking.

You can follow this link to your PDF copy.

Happy Holidays!

With love,

Mercedes and Orion

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