Vegas Strong

58 people killed.
500+ people injured.
Hundreds of first responders and civilians protecting and saving countless lives.
Thousands of Las Vegas residents coming together to help.
19 stories about the city we love.

October 1, 2017. It’s a day the world will never forget, and the people of Las Vegas will always remember. One man committed an act of domestic terrorism on a crowd of unsuspecting concert attendees and changed this city forever. In the days that followed, a city that was bruised and battered proved just how strong it truly is. Blood banks had lines that never ended. Food was delivered to police stations, fire stations, and community centers. Massages were donated to therapists helping everyone who needed someone to talk to. Vegas Strong was on buildings, signs, and t-shirts all over a city that came together in unexpected and beautiful ways.

During those first few days, two authors had a late-night talk about what they could do to help, and this anthology was born. Authors who live in Las Vegas, or grew up here, were asked to write about their favorite places in Vegas or just Vegas itself. These are their Fiction and Non-Fiction stories. We hope you enjoy them and never forget that one person can make a difference or that love will always win against hate.

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