Check Out My Reading of “The Color of Bruises!”

Wow, this is such an important subject. I was so delighted to be invited to participate in The Pixel Project’s Selection 2023: 16 Poets Against Violence Against Women. You can check out the 16 of us here. They asked me why I was against violence against women, and I was angry the question even had to be asked. They’re featuring our … Read More

Carina Bissett Interviews Me on Gingernuts of Horror!

I love Carina Bissett. I’m mad about her work, I adore her as a person, and she teaches my favorite writing classes that I’ve ever taken. So I was extra delighted when she chose to interview me for her Women in Horror Month series at Gingernuts of Horror. We discuss the draw of horror, what terrifies me personally, and I … Read More

The Italian Translation of Little Dead Red is Up for Preorder!

Friends! I’m delighted to share that Independent Legions, an Italian Publishing company, will be translating Little Dead Red into Italian! This is so exciting! This will be my first translation, and it’s so humbling to have my work translated into a different language and be introduced to a completely new audience. What an honor. You might recognize this gorgeous cover … Read More

Lindsey Beth Goddard Interviews Me for Women in Horror Month!

Lindsey Beth Goddard is one of my new favorite people. She’s fearless, she’s opinionated, she’s dark, and I wonder where she has been all of my life. She was gracious enough to interview me for Women in Horror Month. Which, coincidentally, now falls on my birthday month. Hooray! Please check out Lindsey’s site, her work, and her shop. You can … Read More

My Story “Everybody Loves My Baby” is Available!

Playlist of the Damned is available now! It features my story “Everybody Loves My Baby,” which is a dark, dreamy story that takes place in 1920s Las Vegas. Do you want a story about speakeasies, mobsters, and murder? Written in Miss Murder’s own distinctive style? Oh, I hope you do, my darlings! You can pick up the anthology here.    … Read More

Rare Disease Day: Williams Syndrome

Today is #rarediseaseday. My sweet Niko has the double whammy of Williams Syndrome and autism. Williams is a fascinating, intricate syndrome accompanied by physical and cognitive challenges, but also joy, curiosity, and so much love. We are better people and a better family because of Niko. He’s a sweet, loving, curious 20-year-old boy. He still wants to sit on my … Read More

House of Haunts is Now Available!

Come tour the most haunted location in the world. Come visit our House of Haunts. 23 rooms. 23 ghosts. 23 stories. Will you survive them all? This is a cool anthology with 23 stories that take place in 23 rooms. My tale “Apparitions and Starshine Gods” is a charming tlittle hing that takes place in 1932. What happens in the … Read More

Paula Cappa Features Miss Murder!

My new friend Paula Cappa was gracious enough to feature me on her blog for Women in Horror Month and also to represent Quiet Horror. You can read it here! Thank you, Paula. 😀 She also included an interview that Todd Keisling and I did all by ourselves because the host never showed up. Incidentally, it mentions the time I … Read More

Watch This Space for The Darkest Night Cover Reveal!

There’s a super cool anthology that is releasing in September. It’s called The Darkest Night and I have a story in there. I dearly love this sad little tale! Stay tuned for the cover reveal on March 14.

Miss Murder’s Easy Zuppa Toscana Recipe

I know. “Easy” and “Zuppa Toscana” don’t seem like they should go hand-in-hand, but they do. This is our weekly Sunday dinner because it’s delicious, simple to throw into the crockpot, and nourishes the soul as well as the belly. Ingredients 1 pound ground spicy Italian sausage 4-6 potatoes, chopped (I prefer golden for the mellow flavor) 1 chopped onion … Read More