Mason Ian Bundschuh’s “The Last Recall” is Live!

Mason’s awesome sci-fi thriller short “The Last Recall” is up at Crossed Genres.  Friend, fellow Interdimensional Wombat and member of the Illiterati, and also owner of the man feet that you see in the header, Mason is a jack of all trades.  Check out his super cool story here.

Heidi Sutherlin Has a Debut Novel! Brothers in Betrayal

The second that I heard Heidi Sutherlin was doing a blog tour for her debut novel Brothers in Betrayal, I jumped all over her and asked if she’d let me host.  Heidi is a friendly, delightful, witty woman, and that’s enough for me right there. But wait! Brothers in Betrayal looks fantastic! Check out this blurb. Elite Pacific Northwest software … Read More

2011 NaNoWriMo Playlist

Last year I asked everybody what should be on our NaNoWriMo playlist. And boy, did I get answers! Like 145 of them. I’m going to repost that list for this year, and invite you to contribute your favorite writing songs, as well! Let me know what you think we’re missing out on, and I’ll add it to the list. It’s … Read More

Miss Murder Goes to the Zoo

How’s this for support? Me: Hey, Husband o’ Mine! How do you feel about hitting a book signing at Dark Delicacies in CA? Him: We need a vacation! How about we take the kids and go to the zoo? Me: Okay!  Yay, crocodiles! So we loaded the kidlets up, which is no small task now that there are three.  And … Read More

So The Police Show Up With My Eight-Year-Old Son…

Sounds like a bad joke, right?  Only it isn’t.  Through a series of miscommunications and things that would be heartbreakingly comic if I was watching it on TV, my son ended up freaking out on the school bus.  So much so that the school police were called.  My car had mysteriously died this morning, my baby hadn’t slept all day and … Read More

Whatcha Do Yesterday? I Played with Demons.

Yesterday I signed DEMONS at Dark Delicacies in Burbank, which is probably the coolest bookstore that I have ever seen.  It was great! John Skipp is always amazing.  A more likable man there never was!  I got to hang with the wildly entertaining Laura Lee Bahr (check out her debut novel Haunt), RC Matheson, Zak Jarvis, Cody Goodfellow, and David J. Schow.  … Read More


I’m delighted to be a participant in R.B. Wood’s The Magical Mystery Blog Tour.   His debut novel, The Prodigal’s Foole, is really a delightful read.  Why, you ask?  It’s full of all of the shiny goodies that I love in a book.  A likeable hero. Twists and turns.  Romance gone awry.  Throw in a battle between the demonic and priests in Kevlar, … Read More

World Fantasy Con 2011 Podcast: The Not-So-Fair Folk

I was over the moon to be on the Not-So-Fair Folk panel at World Fantasy Con 2011.  (Look, Ma!)  The panel couldn’t have been any better. It was lively, funny, and Holly Black (M), Jenny Blackford, Patrick Rothfuss, and Delia Sherman were knowledgeable, delightful people! I want to stalk all of them forever. Thanks to the wonderful Charles Tan for recording the … Read More

A Wicked Awesome Shock Totem Contest

Hey, everybody!  Shock Totem is up to some incredible things.  I mean, some really, really cool stuff.  I was so excited about Ken’s awesome cypher that I’m just going to post this in its entirety.  Give your brain a little exercise and join the contest! It’s all going on at  Ken will take it from here. As some of … Read More