Reflection’s Edge

They accepted “Pixies Don’t Get Names” for October’s issue of Reflection’s Edge, and I’m really happy about this!  It’s a piece that seems light and fun at first, but really it’s about loneliness and loss.  With pixies.  And my stuffed shark, Dirk, makes an appearance.  (fan service!)  I called my husband and work and danced a little.  Badly, of course.

In other news, I pulled a major noob mistake last week by withdrawing some poems without querying the magazine first.  I had thought that they were defunct, but embarrassingly enough, they weren’t.  So then I begged them to continue to consider my poems, since I was a bit enamored with the magazine’s sexy black layout.  They said they’d get back to me within 48 hours, and that was days ago.  I still hold out hope.

I tell you these things because I’m new at this, and still learning.  It’s like a deadly obstacle course, and there are balls of fire that come flinging your way, and swinging scythes.  I’ve sent stories that are the wrong genre, and accidentally shot the same story to two different people without realizing it.  There are rights and guidelines and formats and all sorts of things that I never really thought about before.  But I’m learning, and each mistake is a mistake that I have never repeated again.  I’d just rather learn from an *almost* mistake.

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