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Hooray!  I sold my short story “Ray the Vampire” to Flash Fiction Online.  It will be out for Halloween, and there was a lot of screaming and jumping last night.  “Ray the Vampire” is a light little tale, and I was so interested in the character that I ended up writing two novels about him.  No joke.  The first one is in the querying stages, and the second one needs a complete rewrite, but I have plenty of time for that later.  Ray is my favorite, he really is.  So nice, since I was wading hip deep in rejections lately.

Also, I had s’mores for breakfast.  Top that.


Pieces out: 48

Goal: 40

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  1. Congratulations! Flash Fiction Online is in my blogroll. It’s one of the few paying markets for flash fiction. Congratulations again.


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