Hello, I am writing to you from the past!

Ha.  It’s currently the day before Halloween (Hey guys!) and I have a lot to cover really quickly.  For one thing, “Galaxy” popped up on DOGZPLOTS today, so cruise on by, if you so desire.


“Cold Caliber” went onto Six Sentences  yesterday. 


I also revised “Life” as requested by the Abandoned Towers submissions editor, and they accepted it last night.  Hooray!  Look for it a bit later.  And props to them, because they were quite gracious and constructive with their comments.

What I really wanted to tell you, though, was that “Ray the Vampire” makes its debut tomorrow on Flash Fiction Online.  I’m really excited, because they prettied it up with illustrations and a picture of my eyes looking particularly vampirey (notice how green our lawn is!  That’s really hard to do in Vegas) and excerpts, and everything!  And I won’t be able to see it come out, because I’ll be flying out for my best friend’s wedding (and fun trick-or-treating!) so please look at it for me and be very excited on my behalf.  🙂


You’ll see that I don’t have 40 pieces out right now.  That’s because they’re rejecting me faster than I can keep up with! Aughhhh!  A conspiracy!  I’ll do my best, though.  Also, this number will drop because my focus on November is my NaNoWriMo novel.  Wish me luck!


Pieces out: 36

Goal: 40

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  1. I haven’t visited for a while, so I’m catching up. I liked meeting Ray and thought your picture looked very cool. And I especially liked Galaxy, which reminds me of Katia, who has several imaginary worlds she likes to talk about. I wish she could meet you — I think you’d get her better than I do sometimes!

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