Rock on, I say!

Today is a day for celebration!  For one thing, I can now officially drive a motorcycle.  Rock on!  The world may never be safe again. 

And things are going well on the writing front, too!  Keep an eye out for a future issue of Shock Totem, a horror/dark fiction mag that accepted a story that I wrote starring my friend Dawn and I, called “Murder for Beginners.” The editors at Shock Totem wrote me this witty email that literally made me laugh out loud, saying my story was “deliciously devious” and promising to wear helmets. Because I threatened to smack them in the head with a shovel if they didn’t accept it. (It goes with the story. Honestly.) This will be a print magazine, so it won’t be online.  I’m going to hold it in my little hot hand.

I also received an acceptance for my story called “Flowers” from BluePrintReview. I had sent her a poem originally, which she politely declined, but asked for a short story instead.  (Thanks to this site!  Hooray!)  I sat down and wrote “Flowers” right there, and she said it is “exquisite and intense”, which makes me feel great.  It will be out in the January edition. She also sent me links to good query sites for my novel, which was really friendly and kind of her. See? The world is full of nice people.

Pieces out: 41

Goal: 40

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  1. You did it! You hit your goal! Time to set a new one! I would recommend a break in between, but if you’re feeling up to it, just plow on ahead because you’re awesome like that. Hey, you can even plow on ahead riding a motorcycle now. How cool is that?!
    You’re inspiring!

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