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They just accepted my poem “Monarchs” for their November/December issue.  The thing that I like best about The Writer’s Eye is that they require you to send in a piece of art with your poetry or short story submission.  So you will see a picture taken by yours truly of something beautiful.  One day I might even try my hand at art, which is a secret dream of mine.  But not yet.

Feast or famine.  That seems to be how writing goes, at least for me.  One more rejection and I think I’m going to cry, and then…twelve more rejections.  And finally a few things that are bright and shiny.

I have this fantasy where my husband takes the kids and zooms away for a whole weekend so that I can write.  In reality, he’s going to zoom away for the whole weekend, leaving me with two sad children who are coming down with colds.  There are noses to wipe and diapers to change and just when I get back to the keyboard, I realize that one of them unplugged it and everything was lost.  But you keep on keeping on, right?  Because there’s no other choice.  Because writing is literally a hunger, and just like physical hunger, your head aches and your nerve endings are raw and you’re downright mean until you are fed.  But after you are satiated, everything is all right.  More than that, it’s surprisingly lovely.


pieces out:  47

goal: 40

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