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52 Stitches accepted “The Exquisite Beauty of Death” and I’m pleased about that. I feel like I have spoken to at least half of the writers in there, and that’s always a good thing.  Dawn and I were discussing how the writing world seems to be shrinking a little bit, and soon it’ll be too small to sustain us and we’ll all fall off.  I imagine us pinwheeling around space for eternity, just tiny pieces of contented flotsam.  We keep running into the same people over and over, and that’s really delightful.  It’s small town life again.

Speaking of the same things cropping up, this week I had three different people tell me to work on my editing and start looking at the bigger markets.  This surprised me.

“Pssh, I’ve said that for months,” Dawn said.

“I’ve been telling you that,” Luke said.  “You never listen to me.”

And I don’t, not really.  These are people that I love and they’re supposed to say things like that.  But people who really have no vested interest in you, that seems different.  I’m also pleased because a writer who broke in a while ago chose to give me some tips on what not to do, which apparently seems to be everything that I am currently doing.  I really appreciate that, because it’s helpful and generous, and a pleasant surprise. I absolutely love pleasant surprises.

Apparently I’m the one that feels like I’m not ready, that I couldn’t hold my own with the big boys.  Strange, when I thrive on a challenge.  And I suppose that’s how I’m going to have to look at it.  It’s very difficult for me to say, “Oh, I am so fabulous and the world simply must read all of my work!” Because I don’t believe that.  I’d love it, and I’m delighted with how many hits this site is receiving (thanks, Williams blog readers! It’s mostly you, and I’m so happy!) but I despise arrogance, I abhor it, and I don’t want to come across that way.  Which I sometimes do, I know.  Sarcasm is hard to read across the Internet.  And I tend to be just a teeny, tiny bit sarcastic.  A little.  Is all.  😉

But a challenge?  Ah, that I can handle.  You think I can’t handle the Big Dog rejections?  I’ll show you that I can handle that rejection.


Pieces out: 36

Goal: Finishing RunStarGirl: A Novella of Murder and Whimsy tonight.

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  1. I can’t wait to read your novella! You really should listen to your close friends by the way. We wouldn’t tell you to run out in front of a bus if we thought you couldn’t handle it! 😉

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