white blindness

My poem went up today at Barnwood International Poetry Magazine.   Come read it!  And mourn the loss of that beautiful shirt with me.  I disposed of it somewhere between the Cayman Islands and Jamaica, and life has not been the same ever since.


So last night I attended my writer’s group, which is really amazing.  It’s so diverse, and you have people who have published a little, published a lot, or haven’t published at all.  It’s quite friendly and enjoyable.  I met some new friends and enjoyed old ones, and we learned about agents.  When to get an agent, when to fire an agent, how to find an agent, that sort of thing.  And afterwards we “networked”.  Well, okay, so other people networked.  I just sat with the people at my table and really enjoyed myself, talking about books and kids and things to look up online.  (“He-Man Sings”, people.  “Take On Me: The Literal Video”.  All of these pleasant things that are so distracting when I’m supposed to be writing.)  But I learn something new every day, I kid you not.  I learned that I need business cards, because my hand grew weary of writing down this site address and my email.  I learned about small presses and publishing a collection vs. a novel and how that works a little bit.  It’s like being in school, and I am so hungry for knowledge!  Well, of course I am.  You guys know me, you know how I am.  I’ll ask you questions until you curl into a little ball and die, and then I’ll crouch over you and ask you some more.  I can’t seem to help it.

Also, RunStarGirl is at 35k.  I made myself write a thousand words before I could do anything fun, and it paid off, because there is nothing on this earth worse than being bored.  If I remember correctly.  I’ve only been bored a few times, I think.

Pieces out: 35

Goal: Still finishing RunStarGirl!

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  1. My sister and I have been working on a novel for two years. We don’t even know the steps to writing a good story, let alone a book, but it’s been fun. I’d love to receieve any tidbits of knowledge you’d be so gracious to bestow upon me. Any tips or resources I may use to learn more about the world of publishing…
    By the way, your writing is so great. It’s a treat to read.

  2. Hey,Mercedes.

    My dad always says,”boredom is the sign of a lazy mind”. I must say, as usual, he is right again.

    I just read your “Ray the Vampire” story over at FlashFictionOnline, and I must say I quite enjoyed it.

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