With a Titanium Smile

Hey, Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow to all of you Americans out there.  And to everybody else who just wants to take a moment and be thankful for stuff.  Yeah, I knew it would do all of us good.  My mom used to make us go around the table and say something that we were thankful for.  We all hated it, but it’s what we remember about Thanksgiving, so it must have done some good.  I also remember getting a styrofoam packing peanut stuck in the motor of the fridge, and the whole thing died, and all of our holiday feast spoiled.  So.  Again, thank goodness for NaNoWriMo or I really wouldn’t have anything to look forward to during November.  Although readily available pumpkin pie is always a win.

I’m checking out the press that I’d like to submit RunStarGirl to, when it’s ready.  I had a few questions to ask, such as, “If I’m researching a press, what exactly am I looking for?”  Because I don’t know.  Because I want this to be fun and free, but I don’t want to go into it completely blind.  But now I am armed with a few answers, and here I go.  Do you see me?  Going.  To go look.  Because I have answers.

It’s still a bit daunting.

Anyway!  I had a piece come out yesterday on Tuesday Shorts.  It’s 61 words long, and it’s called “With a Titanium Smile.”  I hope that you enjoy it.



Pieces out: 35

Goal: 40, plus 10,000 more words

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