I have finished RunStarGirl: A Novella of Murder and Whimsy!  It clocks in at about 40,000 words, so it is novella length.  I’m quite pleased with it, but won’t begin editing until December.  I can’t decide whether the remaining 10k words should attach to my demon story (which has been waiting patiently for a few months) or if I should write more short stories.  Because my submissions have slipped, curse it all!  Once you get behind, it’s quite difficult to catch up, so it’s easier to keep on top of it. I have a few new markets that I found inspiring, and it will be a pleasure to work on stories for those.


Pieces Out: 33

Goal: 40.  Stop rejecting me!  Let me get my feet under me, first.  😛

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  1. Congrats on finishing your novel and good luck with the remaining 10K. It is always nice to find another nano-er. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the inspiration with the submission goal.


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