A Personal Apocalypse

Yay, it’s snowing!  I find this to be an utterly charming little effect that WordPress added.  Snow reminds me of growing up, and it isn’t Christmas without it, and of course Vegas doesn’t get much snow.  So this makes me happy.

We did The Great Santa Run today, and it was a success for us.  The kids were happy and so were we.  Then I had my NaNoWriMo Thank Goodness It’s Over party, and that was awesome.  I bought some supplies to create my business cards for tomorrow (why have others do it when I can do it myself?) and now we’re going out to yet another party.  But first I wanted to say that “A Personal Apocalypse” found a home at “Arkham Tales”.  This is my zombie story that I originally wrote for Permuted Press’ “The World Is Dead” anthology.  It didn’t pass muster, but I had an extremely kind and encouraging personal reply from Kim  Paffenroth, which delighted me.  I have never written a zombie story before, and most likely will never write one again.   So, Jeff, when this comes out, I’ll link you to it.  Don’t say I never did anything for you.  😛

Pieces out: 40

Goal: Achieved

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