Enthusiasm Ebbs and Flows

I haven’t updated lately because there isn’t much to say.  I received three rejections this week, and what fun is that to report on?  In fact, I was a little bummed, but then my friend said that he’d received three rejections, too, and two of them were from the same place as mine.  I don’t know why that cheered me up, but it did.  I suppose it’s because I know that he has talent, and if we’re tossed out from the same joint, that puts me in good company.  Or something.

I have been digging in my heels and refusing to work on RunStarGirl.  I’ve been writing long emails.  I’ve been watching Judge Judy.  (I’m ashamed!  But it’s true, I admit it.  I even hate court shows, I hate them, I hate them, but suddenly anything seems good when I’m avoiding editing.)  I even spent a good 15 minutes watching dancing hermit crabs on youtube yesterday, and I realize it has to stop.  Do I want to get RunStarGirl out?  Yes.  Do I want to procrastinate away my dreams?  No.  So why am I totally screwing around?  Uh…

Tomorrow my goal is a minimum of 2000 words, and a little more editing.  It really isn’t very much, but it will require some discipline.  Also, I’m sick. 

*sigh*  Now that doesn’t sound very fun at all, does it?


Pieces out: around…35?

Goal: zzzzzzzzz

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  1. Sorry bout being the instigator and impetus for long emails. I take responsibility. But I don’t have anything to do with the Judge Judy kick. what are you thinking?

    by the way, when I saw that your laptop really, truly is broken and it wasn’t just a clever blog title I decided that you were possibly the most determined writer in the known universe.

    the mason

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