It Snows! I Rally! All Is Well With The World!

Well.  Well well well.  It snowed in Las Vegas, and I went Christmas shopping with my good friend, and this evening is set aside for baking holiday goodies.  But before that, I am finishing the writing portion of RunStarGirl. 

You heard me.

Once I decided that I needed to add a little more meat to the story, my brain exploded, I psyched myself out and all was lost.  No! I was done writing!  Don’t make me go back and add depth!  Don’t do it! 

So I didn’t.  And I was unhappy, and feeling that familiar “Well, not everybody gets to do what they want.  Being a Real Published Writer is pie-in-the-sky,” and let’s face it, I’ve never been particularly lucky.

Well, screw that!  I was galvanized by a brief  “shut up and write” email, and my ever loyal friends asking about this story and others, and one demanding that I finish my demon story because she wants to read more, and there just…isn’t any.  (I’m about halfway through that one.  Perhaps it is next on my list?)

Focus isn’t my strong point.  I’m a bit flightier than most, and I really have to make an effort to strap myself to the seat and pay attention.  (Sorry about the writing get-together on Saturday, you guys.  I bet you were ready to send me off to play in traffic.)   But I can do it, sometimes.  It just takes help.  So thanks.

In other news, Fifty-Two Stitches is starting up in January (a flash horror every week for a year!  Awesome) and I am kicking us off on January 4th with a piece called “I’m Keeping It Light”.  Come swing by then!

All right.  It is dark and snowy.  I am going to work on my writing, and remember that this is part of who I am.   Mmmm, yes.

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  1. Hallelujah! All is well!

    No permanent damage from hitting your head against the wall I hope. You’re lucky to have such awesome friends who annoy you until you write again, don’t you think? 😉

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