The Boy Who Hangs The Stars

So!  The first thing I have to say is that I feel good about my reading on Sunday.  No Bambi in the headlights moments, no stumbling over my words.  I also joined a voice group because A) wouldn’t doing voice-overs just be so much fun?! and B) it will help me with my reading.  My diction has become so sloppy now that I’m not doing theatre or singing anymore, and I need to get it back up to par.  So I’m pleased.

Also!  I received an email from Susurrus Press, and the Neverlands and Otherwheres anthology should (hopefully) be out by Christmas.  My favorite story is in there, and I am so very thrilled to hold a hard copy in my hands and read it to my kids.  “The Boy Who Hangs The Stars” means a lot to me for many reasons.  It’s the story that I thought I could never write.  Do you know what my mental block was?  Fairytales.  I grew up on them, I breathed them, but I couldn’t seem to write them.  After some urging, I tried this and not only did I enjoy it, but it definitely became a part of my current writing voice.  I wish that you could all read it, because it’s so important to me, but know that it makes me happy, and I think it is a story of beauty that I hope is one more good thing in the world.



Pieces out: 39

Goal: 40

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  1. That’s brilliant Mercedes, I wish I could have been there to hear you read. 🙂 Joining a voice group is a good idea. I know my own voice has suffered now that I no longer do my daily voice excerises. Please post a link so I can buy the anthology when it comes out. I would love to read your story, it sounds super. It is a pity I can’t get a signed copy.

  2. I have a “darling” in Neverlands and Otherwheres too, Mercedes, and had just about given up hope of ever seeing the anthology – when I’d planned on giving copies to all my rellies as an easy Christmas present. Well, the presents will just have to be late this year, they’ll never ship to me in Oz (Australia) in time.
    As for the rejections, yeah. Sigh. I just had one for a short story and a dropping-your-novels from a publisher. Company in despondency is maybe sort of a comforting.

    Best wishes


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