The Same Beast?

Yes!  RunStarGirl is all written, and there was much celebration.  Now it’s editing, which isn’t so bad once I get started on it…but that’s the hard part.  My goal is to have it all finished by tomorrow night.  That sounds quick, and it is, but I edit as I write and then I polish it a bit later.  Some people edit and edit until the story is a different beast than what they started out with.  That works, and more power to them, but that isn’t my way.  My end product tends to be fairly close to what I started out with, and…Black is a moocher and I like it like that.

Uh, sorry.  Bursting into spontaneous song.  Couldn’t help it.

So I found the press that I want to send it to.  Actually my friend Dawn found them and sent me a link about six months ago for no particular reason, and they have always been in the back of my head.  I was on their site to research a bit, and found that *gasp!* they were having a chat with the editor and some of the author’s in exactly one hour, and everybody was invited!  First, I panicked.  Then I called my friend and we bolstered each other up.  Then I hit the chat.  I didn’t say, “Hey, I’m hoping to submit here!” or anything geeky like that.  I just wanted to see what was what.

And they were nice, and quirky, and just seemed to have a very, very friendly relationship with each other.  That’s important to me.  Of course I’m interested in the nuts and bolts of the thing, but if it’s going to be an unsavory environment, then I’m just not going to waste my time.  So I’m happy, and will be submitting this particular novel in a month.  Rock on!

Also!  I’m in a new writing group, which I’m really looking forward to.  They have a band, Atlas Takes Aim, so check them out on and also on itunes.  Music and writing, yeah?  Support the talented!

Also also!  There’s a writing competition going on tonight at 8:00 EST, and quite a few of us are taking part.  The idea is to start from a prompt, write for an hour, and then post your piece for critique.  I’m not posting my piece at the end because once it’s posted on the ‘net, it’s considered published.  A lot of people change their pieces enough that this isn’t an issue for them, but I don’t fall into that camp.  So wish me luck!  I’m excited.  Who said writing was a solitary profession?

Pieces out:  huh?

Goal: RunStarGirl out next month!

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