Bar and Rock

Last night our friends were playing at the Cheyenne Saloon.  We caught Atlas Takes Aim (Go Billie and Mason!) and were hoping to catch Hello! Astro (Go Ryan!) but we had to bail before they came on.  Our babysitter was only 14, after all, and was nearly asleep by the time we came home smelling of bar and rock music.  It was a lot of fun, and the best part was that the whole Interdimensional Wombat Illiterati was there.  (Go Holly and me!  We’re supportive!)  We had a good time.

Today the World of Adults was pressing its deadlines upon me.  Sick kids (aren’t they ever well?  Seriously!) things to read and return and a newsletter to write.  I buckled down, accomplished what I needed to,  and lookie here, I am free to write for the rest of the day, if I so desire.  Rock on!  I’m going to watch The Wallflower (so I like anime. I’m not ashamed) and lengthen my Stars story a bit.  It has a strong beginning and middle, but the ending fizzles out in an eye-averting fashion.  I know that I can make it shine.

I’ve been reevaluating some of the markets that I have sent pieces to.  I have some pieces that have been out for what feels like forever (hello!  303 days, anyone? It’s not even Cemetery Dance!) and I know more than I knew then.  For one thing, exclusive rights for a year at one cent a word is just sucky.  Sure, roll your eyes, but I didn’t read the guidelines with the eye that I do now.


Pieces out: 39

Goal: 40

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