I’m reading my email.  (I get some GREAT email!)  I’m skimming blogs, and seriously, I’m not that much of a blog reader.  I’m putting everything off because it’s just that kind of day.

I already cleaned the house, and didn’t dust the ceiling fans because The Onion’s horoscope foretold my gory demise.  (Skipping the fans was no hardship, let me tell you.)  My daughter is leaning against me, playing with old CDs.  This is what I should be doing:

1) Finishing my flash prompt story and sending it so that I can WIN THE T-SHIRT CHALLENGE!  What the heck do these other people need t-shirts for?  They’re all meant to be mine.

2) Querying agents.  I know, and I even have a decent query letter!  It’s just so…

See?  That’s my attention span.  I can’t even finish my own sentences.  I’m at a dark place where motivation is elusive.  It’s so much easier to cheer for others than yourself.  I can see their talent, and sometimes I get a little hazy about mine.  I’ve churned out some real junk lately.  Is that my problem?  I’m afraid to see what I’ll come up with?  Or has my brain been so busy that I’ve blown a fuse and shorted everything out?

I reiterate the ups and downs of writing.  That said, I will now finish my story and query two agents.  Afterward, I will reward myself with some piano music that I have been dying to practice.


Pieces out: meh

Goal: whazzat?

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  1. Can you come dust my place as well? Okay, just visit and we’ll forget about the dusting thing. 😉

  2. I’m just going to post a few lyrics from a little song by Journey. (Cheesey is the bestest for feeling in the dumps)
    “Dont stop believin
    Hold on to the feelin”

    poetry man… poetry.

    anyhow. these sorts of days happen. eat chocolate, do some angry dancing (see flight of the conchords) and shake your fist at that balky paragraph.
    you’ll be right as rain in no time.

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