I love short-shorts!

Actually, I do.  I love flash fiction.  Micro fiction.  Tiny little pieces of perfect fiction. My goal for the year is to become more comfortable writing in the 5,000 word area.  I can do flash.  I can do novels.  The in-between?  It’s a little bit harder.

Anyway, Tuesday Shorts just accepted a flash piece of mine for a future issue.  It’s 94 words.  🙂

So!  Those of you who are interested, we’ll be doing the BBS Flash Fiction contesty thing in…three hours and 38 minutes.  That’s 8:00 board time.  If you’re online, might as well pop in and join us.  Just a word of warning: it’s a picture prompt and it’s horror related.  I don’t want to unnecessarily shock anybody.

So!  Write with me!




Hey, great turnout!  Thanks!  Congrats to Shiney for winning with a really disgusting-yet-memorable piece that I hope to never read again. Gross, but I voted for it.  🙂

Pieces out: 37

Goal: 40

2 Comments on “I love short-shorts!”

  1. I have noticed that you like those more than any other form. It’s what you write most often. I have to agree with you though, on the difficulty of certain types of fiction, those 5,000 word pieces are longer by far than any other length.

  2. Hello there…in my effort to avoid doing anything that might be confused with work today, I slinked (slunk?) over from Natalie Sin’s site, and noticed that you, too, have been published in Abandoned Towers (I have a story up there under SciFi) and are also raising a family on the surface of the sun (we live just south of Nellis AFB).

    Just wanted to say hi…I looked at your last few posts, looks like you’re having a good year so far! (I’m 0 for 5 for 2009, myself)

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