Thanks, guys.

So I was talking to my friend about query letters, and she suggested that I contact an author from our writers group and pose some of my questions.  He has a thriller series out, he seems genuinely friendly, and I’d spoken to him briefly before, so I decided to follow her advice.  I emailed and asked if he’d mind answering a few questions, he agreed, and we set up a time to call.

Which freaked me out, quite honestly.  I am almost phobic about talking to people on the phone.  My parents and closest friends don’t count, but if I’m calling to make an appointment?  I’m practically breathing into a paper bag beforehand!  But I’m being confident, remember?  I can do hard things.

Anyway, we just finished our conversation, and it was so helpful.  I’m learning that I need to reign in my horses a little bit.  I think that I’m all ready to go, but there’s always more to learn, more to figure out.  I think that I’ve done all of my research, and then I find that I’ve been researching the wrong thing entirely, and there’s this area here that I haven’t even looked at.  That’s why I’m so grateful for the help.  I can’t tell you how much my eyes have been opened lately. I think that I’m savvier because of it, and I can’t shake the feeling that these kind writers have helped me avoid years of wandering down paths that won’t lead me to my goal.  So thanks.  I really, really mean it.  I hope you realize how much your advice and encouragement means to me.

Aaaaaaand…I’ve been swamped with rejections lately.  This doesn’t bother me.

Pieces out: 37

Goal: 40.  Eventually.

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