The Container of Sorrows

Everybody in my house fell asleep early tonight, so I used that time to write a story.  Miss Muse and I folded our wings and worked together nicely.  The result is titled “The Container of Sorrows”.  It is a soft thing of tragic beauty inspired partly by Mark Ryden’s “Night Visit”.  It uses the words “exquisite” and “supped” and “brokenness”.  I feel like myself again.

Also, I would like to introduce you to the Illiterati.  (Which, as it was pointed out,  my spell check keeps changing to “the illiterate”.  Oh, irony, you are cold.)  I swiped this directly from an email.  This is us, in the words of Master Mason.  (Check out his and Billie’s band!  Better yet, leave comments.  Best of all, buy something.  Then they’ll be flush and can buy us pizza on Illiterati nights.)

Holly is Keeper of the Pens who unleashes the “Adverb Slash” (devastatingly, I might add.)

Ryan is the Purveyor of Perfect Pitches and has perfected the “Crappy Printer Hold” (if Strongbad can get a new printer, why can’t you?)

Mercedes is Captain Overachiever and wields “Shurikens of Submission Acceptance” (what, you only have 35 pieces out for review? You’re slacking off!)

Billie is Time Keeper and a disciple of the “Un-Numbered Loose-Leaf Assault” (What page am I on? oh, is this part of the same story?)

I am Master of Ceremonies and master of the “Over-Formatted-to-Death-Punch” (Print date? Check. Word Count? Check. 1” margins? Check. And the list goes on… and on… and on…)

And of course Maisley is the Official Mascot. She can drool you to death.

 Now we need to be in a video game…

 If I was a character in a video game, everybody would always want to play me.  No joke. 😛

Man, a little writing goes a long way.  I am feeling a LOT better!


Pieces out: 39

Goal: 40

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  1. Great! I was looking for something entertaining to read and couldn’t find anything. I was about to go drag your muse through the mud and back to my place myself! Just kidding… Sort of… 😉

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