Content with Some


I realize that most of the world is living in a land of ice and snow.  I, however, am not.  Today I took my kids outside and we frolicked around for a little bit.  For once, the sun was kind.  I took a picture of the lavender, which smelled particularly delightful.  I’m sorry to say that my star jasmine has died, and it shall be greatly mourned.  It’s just one more loss.  It’s one more thing missing from my life.  On the other hand, plants yearn to grow, and I shall replant it.

Today was a day of phone calls and general unhappiness.  I had the computer up, but didn’t get the chance to work on Iris as I had hoped.  But I have found a way to be kind: I’ll write a few lines.  Just a few, a snatch of conversation here or there (Joshua doesn’t have a lot to say, but when he chooses to speak, it’s quite interesting) or a line about the way that Celia taps her bare foot to a beat that nobody else can hear.  It doesn’t have to be very much, but it’s some, and I am learning that sometimes I simply need to be content with some.

Thanks to everybody who takes the time to comment either on my posts or especially on my stories.  It’s a bit of extra effort, I know, and it’s greatly appreciated.  It makes me happy.


Pieces out:  45

Goal: 40!  Rock on!

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  1. I don’t comment nearly enough and both you and I know that. :p One of these times you’ll have to pester me to edit one of your stories, just so you can see my superior skill in that too! (Only kidding).

    You know, I think you’ll like my current short story; The Constitution of a Vagabond. Definitely your type. But, I’ve procrastinated WAY too long today and have to get down to work tomorrow. I have far too much work to do now. Yes, all due to procrastination.

    Talk to you soon, Mercedes.


  2. I’m jealous…I don’t have anything pretty and delicate in my yard…it’s all spiky and brambly and menacing-looking desert plants. Other than my herbs in the front yard (no, not that kind).

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