Karma? And Are Agents Like Soulmates?

Augh!  There's water everywhere!

I just said how it was softly sunshiny here, and then it promptly started to rain for two days.  The streets are flooded.  So Jeremy, the Illiterati, and the other townsfolk of Sin City, I take full responsibility.  The rain is all my fault.

That said, I’m not sorry.  I love the rain.  So haha!

Queries.  Queries queries queries.  It’s difficult because you want to find an agent that you’d work well with, but how can you really tell?  I have a small handful that I think would be gold.  Being the monogamist sort, it’s strange to query a bunch of strangers saying, “I chose you specifically because…” when they’re not the only one that I have queried.  On the other hand, they expect that.  I think the perfect agent is like your soulmate: s/he doesn’t exist.  I mean, I don’t think there is just one.  In fact, I reject that idea flat out.  How romantic to think that there is one and only one person in the world who is your other half, who makes you whole.  But realistically?  If that was the case, my soul mate would be the Sylar of the universe and I’d be screwed after they threw the switch on him.  If my soulmate is a complete jerk (or vice versa, but that would never be, right?!) then why should I be punished?  What if your soulmate is married?  Lives on the other side of the world?  Is in a coma for the rest of their lives?  Are you therefore denied happiness?  I don’t buy it.

So back to agents.  There isn’t one agent that can completely fulfill me, that would make me drop hearth and home so that I could sit at his or her feet and weep tears of gratitude.  There are several agents with different skills and personalities, and we’ll like each other and work well together and make each other happy.  I write fast.  I write a lot.  I take writing seriously (but not too seriously) and I have a long career ahead of me.  I truly believe this agent thing will work out if I put my shoulder to the wheel.  Such an optimist. 

Strange google searches that I’ve done in the last few days:  flowers in Japan, anemia lip color, dress a day, shurikens, analemma definition, homemade marshmallows.  That last one had nothing to do with writing, but they look delicious!  I’m also making hot chocolate from scratch.  Told you that I love the rain!


Pieces out: 46

Goal: 40!

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  1. I have a good hot cocoa recipe if you want it! I’ll trade you for the marshmallow one. Though, I won’t do it in a glass dish! 😉

  2. I feel the same way, both about finding an agent and homemade hot chocolate. Thanks for reading my blog. It’s nice to meet you.

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