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So! I pulled that story because I realized that the magazine was requesting crazy rights.  I entered the story in the On The Premises contest  because when I first read the contest theme, I was like, “You know what story would be perfect for that?!”  I received an email saying that it was a top ten finalist, and hooray!  It made me very happy. It’s so nice to think that somebody else enjoyed something that I wrote.  Whether or not I place, it’s worth dropping by the OTP site and seeing what they have up.  I was also a mini contest winner a while back, so you can read my tiny little piece there.  I quite enjoyed writing it.

I’m working on a short story right now.  It’s tentatively titled “Iris” and it’s quiet and soft and about the vibrancy of color and healing.  At least, I think it is.  It’s taken a bit of a turn from what I imagined it to be, and when that happens, I just follow the character’s lead.  They know themselves better than I do.

So our writing group met at our usual cafe last night, but were politely ousted at closing time.  (How can that be?!)  So we wandered across the street to finish our discussion.  We concluded that yes, the entire writing group should relocate to Seattle and pool our money for a houseboat.  We’ll start a band (I’ll play piano) and write glorious works of art.  Then I lost my lip gloss under the table and we all dove under there using our cell phones as flashlights in order to find it, which was very professional.  Also professional was the whopping tab of $5.25 for two Diet Cokes, a Dr. Pepper and a water.  I think we were not the server’s dream last night.

I have a piece up at Micro 100.  There are some great pieces by Kurt Newton and Jameson T. Caine, among others.  Some are funny, a few not-so, so be forewarned if you aren’t horror fans.  Mine is…well, whatever it is that I usually write.  Snarky horrorless horror, perhaps?



Pieces out:  44

Goal: 40.  Woo!

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  1. Vicodin, duct tape, perfume, and barbed wire? Party party party!

    I used to live outside of Seattle…wa-a-a-y too dreary for me. Beautiful landscape, but everyone stopped working to go outside and see the sun, just like everyone here does with rain. People are weird.

  2. I love the dreary, yet I live in Southern California. And, Mercedes! we still have to talk about all these stories you’re coming up with.

    You know, I’m going to have to find me one of these writers’ groups. They seem to work well for you.

    Talk to you soon.

  3. I started to submit a story to OTP until I realized that I got it mixed up with another story. In other words, I almost sent them something that had nothing to do with the contest theme. What is wrong with me : P

  4. We’re gonna lash two or three houseboats together, make a flotilla.
    Also, by the way, Ryan and I ended up going to Denny’s AFTER leaving the bar. yeah. we’re crazy like that.
    Who needs sleep right? I’ll get plenty when I’m dead.

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