Second Place!

I just crawled out of a migraine-induced haze to find out that I placed second in the On The Premises contest!  Hooray!  Everybody thinks that I’m kidding, but I really am using the money to buy a sewing machine.  Awesome!  It’s a story that I really enjoyed writing, and I’ll proudly link you when it’s up.

Today I also bought bowls that won’t explode, so all is well on that front.  I am all set to make Valentine’s treats.


Pieces out: 47

Goal: 40

7 Comments on “Second Place!”

  1. Congrats!! Don’t mention sewing machines or my other half will want one, too.

    BTW, I read your post too fast and thought you bought bowels that won’t explode. “Her cooking can’t be THAT bad,” I thought. 😉

  2. Congrats on both the contest and the bowls! I’m sure the stay puff marshmallow man will be so happy!

  3. I just have to post a big fat “LOL” regarding the fellow who misread your post as “Bowels that won’t explode”
    Bwaaahhaaahaaa!!! I how that tickled me. Scatological humor, how I love thee!

  4. Not trying to be a total jerk here–honest!–but next time, how about letting us know you got our e-mail? (Okay, okay, we should have sent our results messages with receipt requests turned on, but geez, we send out five “you won” messages and not one person responds? That’s never happened before! We were freaking out, thinking the e-mails had been eaten by the Web or something…)

    Anyway, if you like the way we edit your story (just finished my first set of suggestions; look for it soon), say something nice about us on here, okay? And if you hate the way we edit your story, go ahead and flame us. No such thing as bad publicity! 🙂

    –Tarl Roger Kudrick, “On The Premises” co-publisher and main fiction editor

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