This Is Why I Write.

Marshmallows and Broken Glass


If I didn’t write, I might spend more time in the kitchen.  And as we can all see…that wouldn’t be such a great idea.

These are my marshmallows!  And the bowl exploded!  And after the hysterical laughter died down, I had the job of cleaning up marshmallowy glass.  I’ll try again later with a bowl that won’t try to kill me.

I polished “The Container of Sorrows” and I think it’s ready to go out.  I had to put a lot of things on hold last week because I had crushing amount of Real Life stuff to do. This week isn’t much better, but my ultimate goal is to get those darn queries out so that I can focus on something else. I’m dying to get back to my demon story.  I’m going insane with this other stuff!  All I want to do is write.  The rest of it is sucking my will to live.

So I have an essay in the Cup of Comfort for Parents of Children with Special Needs book that’s due out this May.  They sent an email the other day saying that if the authors wanted to set up promotional events (readings, book signings, television and newspaper interviews, etc.) that they would compensate us for it.  My first instinct was to ignore the whole thing completely.  How terrifying!  How foreign!  Now I’m thinking that I need to learn how to promote anyway,  and it would give me a chance to talk about my son’s syndrome.  This is frightening, though.  Interviews? Are you freakin’ kidding me?  Then again, the resolution was to be more confident, so.  We’ll see.  Arg.


Pieces out:  47

Goal: Die, queries, die!!!

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  1. This will be so good, Sade! Really! You’ve given talks and taught before. (like every Sunday!) So you can do this! Awesome!

    I think the real “Container of Sorrows” is that glass bowl you used to make those marshmallows! 😉

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