White Winged Butterflies

I have succumbed!  My children graciously passed their monster colds onto me.  So I’m drinking hot chocolate and looking up butterflies.  Ah, but not just any butterfly!  I want the name of a butterfly that would be fluttering around the Ayame flower in Japan…but is not native to that area.  My butterfly ended up there due to typhoon or some other twist of fate.  My butterfly has a darkly romantic story that the reader will never even know about, but I will.  The butterfly gets a two sentence mention in my story “Stars”, but everything hinges on its role.  Butterflies are happy, careless things.  They are extraordinarily lovely.

As are sharks.  Don’t ask me to choose between the two, because I couldn’t.  Perhaps that’s why the sharks in my stories can fly.

My non-native white-winged butterfly of choice?  The Appias albina.  Isn’t she exquisite?

I love being a writer!


Pieces out: 43

Goal: Rocked!

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  1. I don’t think you’ve told me of this story, have you? “Stars,” with the hint at these two lines being so important, you have me very, very intrigued.

    We’ll have to talk of it!

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