A Brief Lesson About Monarchs


Male Monarch

A lot of you have seen this before.  It’s one of my very favorite pictures.  This was a male monarch that hatched out a year or so ago.  You can tell it’s a male because of the black spots on his hind wings, which releases a chemical used in courtship, so I hear.   He was a lovely butterfly that hung around for a bit before learning to fly from my hand.  Two more hatched out a few days later, within half an hour of each other.  I submitted a photo of them to The Writer’s Eye, along with a poem that I liked, but I would change in a million ways now.  They hatched out the same day that my two best friends from Seattle were here.  That same morning, I found the ugliest, loudest newborn kitten in our backyard.  He still pops by every now and then.  It was a spectacular day!


I’m on the old broken laptop (see my header!) and it’s a pleasure to go through the pictures that I haven’t transferred to Ruby Soho, the new red computer.  I also found a few written pieces that I had forgotten about.  I might finish an essay that I started about mundania in Finland.  I had titled it “Lavender”, so apparently I’ve been putting together my flower collection for longer than I realized.

I sewed my first project last night, and made my daughter a dress.  While I was working on that, I had an epiphany about a short story that has been giving me fits.  Two birds with one stone, woo! 


Pieces out: 39

Goal: 40

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