Ah, snap.

Apparently I am going to be working on RunStarGirl alllllllll day, because I haven’t had the chance to get to it.  I’ve been swamped.  I’m still swamped.  I’m more than swamped, but I need to see this through.

It isn’t that I hate to lose as much as I hate to give up on something.  It’s tempting to say, “Hey, what are a few sock puppets?  I’ll just let this baby slide!” because, really, what would the consequences be? 

It’ll be putting off my goals, for one thing.  Shifting the dream to the back seat while I concentrate on other things.  And if I let it slide once, then I have officially cracked the door into letting it happen again.  Laziness creeps up on you like evil and the ocean tide, and I don’t like being crept up on.  Take that, laziness, evil, and the ocean tide!  I’m on to you and your shenanigans!

Okay!  So I’ll be working furiously today.  Tomorrow I want to reward myself by starting on some new pieces.  Something different and sprightly, perhaps. 

End Procrastination.

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  1. Yeah, don’t give Mason, err… laziness the satisfaction! (We all know you’re not lazy. The truth just slipped right out.)

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