Bradley. And I Am Refined.

I have a poem up in Kill Poet.  It’s called “Bradley”, and I submitted it back when I was very, very, very new at submissions.  Like, July of last year.  Now I’m just very, very new at submissions.  I read my bio and shuddered, for now I am wise and worldly.  I don’t scream when I get published.  I do a very refined happy dance.  😛

But it’s true that I never steal.

I was lamenting this incredibly long dry spell that I’ve suffered lately.  If I have 35 pieces out, don’t you think that some of them would be accepted?  Somewhere?  Anywhere?!  But my husband pointed out that I’ve been distracted by other things (sewing skirts, sock puppets) and I haven’t been writing.  Wha-?!  He’s right!  So right, in fact, that I’m outta here.  I have a story to work on.


Pieces out: 35

Goal: 40

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  1. Yeah, don’t get distracted by email notifications to posts on your blog! sheesh.
    See you tomorrow at the secret underground lair.

    M of Illiterati

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