Holly, I Want Blue Hair

My friend and I spent seven hours shopping today.  Seven!  We touched fabrics and looked at shoes and talked about stories and writing and about when we lived in foreign countries.  (American bathrooms rock!)  We went into an exotic birds store where most of the birds were glaring at us from their perches, (“Aren’t they supposed to have cages?!  Look at their beaks!”) and when I said, “Holly, I want blue hair,” she said, “Okay,” and off we went.  We ate at Schlosky’s and now I have materials for at least four sewing projects!  I just learned how to sew a button hole, and I’m feeling quite proud.

Today was great.  It was fun, and now I feel creativity surging through me.  I’m inspired to work on my Morning Glory story…after I sew some things.  Creative projects feed other creative projects.  A great piece of advice that I heard once was to have creative dates for yourself.  The idea was to spend at least an hour a day doing something creative that had nothing to do with writing.  It gets your brain whirring, but in different ways.  Sewing is new to me, and I like it.  Hooray!

Tuesday Shorts requested my short “With A Titanium Smile” for their anthology that they’re considering.  I’m more than happy to give it to them, and it’s a piece that I like.  I’ll link you to it.


Pieces out:  39

Goal: 40…after I make this tunic.  And a dress for my daughter.  And dainty retro slippers.  And a purse.  And…

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  1. I loved that short story, Mercedes. It was almost poetic. Almost. Yes, that is a challenge to you, darling. We’ve got to spice up that little fling of ours, don’t we?

    I think I’ll be working on an epic poem of sorts. It will deal with the A Bao A Qu (or Abang Aku, depending on pronunciation).

    Speaking of shopping, we should definitely do that! I love shopping.

  2. I’m glad holly can go fabric shopping with you. I’d die.
    So… do you have blue hair?

    and, I need you to make our costumes for the viral Illiterati video I’m cooking up…

  3. Disappointingly enough, I don’t have blue hair at the moment. I did have platinum hair with blue streaks when I was first married. I wouldn’t go full-on blue, but a streak or two would be lovely!

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