I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts.

You know what has been popping up a lot lately?  Ghosts.  Not literally.  But I’ve been stumbling upon ghost stories.  A friend has become a ghost hunter.  I was watching the Travel Channel (go…basic cable?) and it was The World’s Creepiest Places, bwa ha ha!  I’ve been to most of them, and didn’t find them all that creepy, but my definition of creepy tends to entail the acts of the living, not the acts of the dead.  But it’s fun.  The idea that maybe there’s something more out there?  Is awesome.  The mystery of the unanswered is the fun part.

So, your opinion on things unseen.  Yay?  Nay?  But perhaps, more importantly, do you want to believe?  Who ya gonna call.

I’m excited for a writer’s group meeting tonight.  I haven’t gone in the last two months, and it’s time that I blend into the crowd and spy on the other writers…er, I mean, listen to the speaker.  They have some great speakers, but I really like to see all of the people who show up.  Long time writers, new writers.  People who think that every word they say is golden and deserves to be published.  Talentless people, people who will make millions one day, if there’s any justice in the world.  It’s this mix of optimism and despair, and that’s my kind of scene.

 Google history: thresher sharks, autistic head bonk, mint julep, eggplant, blood poisoning red streak, transatlantic, kachina dolls, stained glass


Pieces out: 35

Goal: I’m cool with 35

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