Rewarded For Reading?

Kind of.  In a way.  But more truthfully, this is because I really like to make things.  Different, weird, and slightly bizarre things.  I did this on my personal blog, as well, so in reality I’m going to be coming up with ten different creative items.  Rock on!

The first five people to respond to this post will get something made by me! My choice. For you. This offer does have some limitations:

1. You will not know what it’s going to be, and there are no guarantees that you will like what I make!

2. I have until December to send it to you. Anticipation is part of the game, isn’t it?  Of course it is.

3. Most importantly, you must offer the same deal on your blog – the first 5 people to comment on your blog (or Facebook or whatever, if you don’t have a blog) get something made by YOU!

“Oh, but I’m not crafty,” you politely demure.  “I can’t possibly make anything.”  Most of you are writers, right?  Right.  Buck up and go create.

UPDATE:  Oh, all right, my whiny, whiny friends!  I’ll make you something even if you don’t do it for somebody else.  Just make the creative, laugh-out-loud and tearful emails stop!   😉

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  1. I accept your challenge!
    I vote for a sock puppet of my cat.

    Does a song count as something i’ve crafted for others?

    and you know what? it’s almost tuesday! yay!

  2. Masonian, you crack me up!

    Do I get two things cause I responded to both blogs? Just kidding. I do want to hear all those e-mails that caused you to laugh out loud. I could use a really good laugh right now. Hey, it’s Monday!

  3. Of course songs count! But you’d better be working on one anyway, because I’m so going to win, and you’re going to be performing it in the Newsroom! Booya!

  4. It’s entitled “If Dreams Could Poop”
    Because if people let their dreams soar and fly after feeding them on hopes and wishes SOMETHING’s gonna come out.

    It’s also 3am, which nearly explains the scatological humor.

  5. haha. So that’s why there are comments on this post now. You’ve changed the rules! Technically, you will be getting something from me, won’t you, Mercedes? Actually, if you count what I sent you last night, you’ve already received something.

    We’ll go with that.

    And I’m guessing since you’ve asked me to comment on this post so that you can make me something… that you already have something in mind. I’m sure it’ll be very, very interesting.

    Have a good day, Mercedes. : )

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