A Las Vegas Conversation

Me: What’s with the police?  I passed six cop cars on the way to your house.

Mason: There was a murder at the convenience store.  *points*  We all heard it.  They still haven’t caught the guy.  Let’s talk about books!

Let’s talk about books, indeed.  I finished reading his, and it was incredible.  There were times where I didn’t want to put it down but had to, and when I reached the end, I still wanted to read more.  When it comes out (no date as of yet), it’s one to pick up.  Mason Ian, folks.

So after the police looked through every car window with a flashlight, (I had a Shiney mix in the front seat and a sewing machine in the back) I drove home.  There were more police cars and an ambulance at one of the high schools, and a robot checking out a bomb with a “strong chemical odor” at Burlington coat factory.  I grew up in a very small town, and if anybody was waving a gun or making bombs, everybody knew about it.  Especially since most of the pipe bombs tended to go off, destroying faces and hands.  Yep, I still remember that, you guys.  That’s your claim to fame.

I wrote some stuff!  And sent some stuff out!  And went running and nearly died because it’s so.  Freaking.  Hot.  I’m reminiscing about cooler days…see photo.  A fractured Illiterati at an undisclosed location earlier this month.  I’m going back there this weekend, hooray!  More scary dolls and big mouthed bass, yes!

This is what writers do!

This is what writers do!

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  1. The day I realized I was acclimated to Vegas was when I was taking an out-of-town guest around and there was a car overturned in the middle of the road gushing fluids and sans emergency support (the occupants were clearly OK); I deftly swerved around said obstacle without missing a step in the conversation or acknowledging the thing in the road that everyone else in the car thought was a horrible, unusual thing; my only thoughts on the subject at the time were 1. everyone made it out OK, no reason to stop, and 2. you don’t see an overturned car land on its side very often.

    Sad as it sounds, living here (especially on the NE side), you almost have to see someone die or get mortally wounded before your eyes for it to register as out of the ordinary. Sometimes I miss not being like that.

  2. Wow. I got the official blog kudos! yay.
    If enough people like the book as much as you I’m building that redneck paradise (far away from here).

    have fun at the secret Illiterati Lair.
    By the way, that devil bass is currently haunting MY house. so all you have to worry about are the dolls. I hope you survive…

    mason, who lives nearby the latest shooting incident of las vegas.

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