A Very Perkifying Email

Oh, something cool happened the other day!  I received an email from Suzanne Vincent of Flash Fiction Online.  She said that she was teaching a workshop on writing sci-fi and fantasy for the flash fiction market at a local Con.  She asked if she could use “Ray the Vampire” as an example.  A good example, she was quick to specify.  I really appreciate her saying that, because otherwise I would have wondered.  😛  Plus she called me Ms. Yardley.  I felt all fancy and almost started putting on airs.  But not quite.

I love that story.  I hear more about that story than any other.  I wrote a novel based on Ray, and it went down really well at Girl’s Camp last year.  No, I’m serious!  I brought it in binder form so that I could edit in my “spare time” (what a dreamer I am) and the 12-17 year old girls went nuts.  I’m only slightly tongue in cheek, here.  They got angry at characters and cried in the right parts and I ended up with some sweet main character fan art.  It’s good to know that it reaches that type of audience.  In fact, the girls requested the second book in that series for camp this year.  It needs a total overhaul before it even reaches that point, and maybe this will be incentive.  I should really shop the first novel around again, but I’m going to concentrate on RunStarGirl first.  One thing at a time.

Anyway, you can read “Ray the Vampire” here.

Both of my kids woke up crying tonight.  Which is why it’s 4:30 in the morning and I’m typing instead of sleeping.  I hate illness.  I wish that we were just created out of titanium.


Pieces out: 30

Goal: 40

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