Dolce and Gabbana and the Apocalypse

So family came a-visitin’, and when that happens…we shop.  And eat at delicious restaurants.  And then shop some more.  Not saying that I mind, because that certainly isn’t the case.  But let’s get real, people.

Something you’ll hear out of my mouth, usually in a joking manner, is, “When the Apocalypse comes…”  When the Apocalypse comes, you’re not going to survive because nothing is going to be organic; it’ll all be radiated.  When the Apocalypse comes, I’m shacking up with the folk who know how to make bricks out of mud.  When the Apocalypse comes, every single person in that Dolce and Gabbana store is going to fling up their arms and die.  I didn’t see a scrapper among them.  Although I tend to have hope in humanity, and perhaps somebody will toss their sunglasses aside, throw off their hobo purse, and totter off in their skinny jeans to prove me wrong.  Which would be awesome.  If not, at least they will all look pretty when they go.

There are a lot of Apocalyptic style anthologies coming up, and this excites me.  Although not driven to write a “Dolce and Gabbana Shopper Survives!” story, I am musing on a few other ideas.  A rule-stripped society is a fascinating topic.  But then I had read Lord of the Flies about five times before high school.  Along with Alice in Wonderland.  It’s a fantastic combination.

I’ve been writing quite a few poems lately, and have maybe three stories and two essays in the works as well.  Feast or famine!  While I’d like to buckle down and just carve one out, life is gleefully throwing itself in my way.  And I find that I don’t mind so much.  Sometimes I feel driven, almost obsessive.  I think there should be a game plan.  I think that I should have this many irons in the fire, and be submitting to these places, etc. etc.  And while I certainly should have goals, I think that a meandering path suits me best.  I want to try a little bit of everything, and enjoy myself as I go along.  Sometimes I forget that.

On the not-as-fun side, April and May is filled to the brim with doctor’s appointments for my son.  Cardiology echoes, EKGs, and MRIs, oh my.  The usuals.  We also think that he’s on the Autistic spectrum as well as having Williams Syndrome, so we’re doing some more testing.  These are not the usuals.  If  he does have both, there’s a phrase for it, and it’s “dual disability”.  Translated into layman’s terms, it’s “Aw, snap.”  But knowledge is power, and knowing is half the battle, and the other half is guns, or however that goes.  I’m not one to back down from a challenge.

As far as challenges go, I still won a song and dance that will be coming my way.  I entered into a new challenge with a different person, and the loser coughs up rollercoaster rides for the winner.  Really, if we’re rollercoastering together, we’re both winners, right?  I’m just going to be the winner that won’t have to pay!

Hey, I just received an email saying that my poem “what you believe” will be in the May issue of Dustin LaValley’s Micro 100.  I’ll link you then, as well, but take a look at the site if you’d like.  Rock on! 

Pieces out: 30.  Are you kidding me?!

Goal: 40

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  1. Sounds like you actually enjoyed your Easter. ; ) As for the rest of it, I’m not much into writing Apocalyptic stories. It just isn’t in my interest (although, I did enjoy reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy).

    There is no way you write better poems than I do, Mercedes. :p Just as a note. Feel free to try and prove me wrong, I always look forward to that. haha.

    That may or may not be a challenge.

  2. Haha, Shad! I’d take that as a challenge except that I wouldn’t want to go up against your poems in a dark alleyway.

    We do need to write together soon.

  3. Ah, my poems aren’t that bad. :p Or that good if that’s how you’re going about it. They will be very nice, desperate and polite poems to yours. Just how I raised them. haha.

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