@Outshine accepted a piece of mine.  It’s a Twitterzine, and the pieces have to be 140 characters or less.  That’s right, characters.  Writing a nuanced story in 140 characters is just…difficult, but very, very exciting.  I’ll link you when it’s up.

Today I wrote two poems and started a short story.  It feels great to be creative again!  The earbuds on my ipod need to be replaced (noooooo!) so I took the kids on a four mile stroller ride without any music.  I deserve an award for that, methinks.  I used to ponder writing while going for walks, but it’s very different here.  I ponder not getting ran over or pimped out. 

I had a conversation about Fatal Frame the other night, and now I want to buy it.  Why is it so expensive?!  When will Eternal Poison drop in price?  Why can’t I be interested in cheap used games?  I suppose that my taste is just too exquisite.  Or something.

Things in the Google History:  transparent butterflies, tales of the abyss, cut scenes voiceover, pride and prejudice and zombies, kimono obi, axiom of extensionality, make your own straightjacket


Pieces out: 33

Goal: 40

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