The Land that Time Forgot

Our retreat?  Was so incredible.  I’d love to tell you all about it, but what happens in the interdimensional wormhole stays in the interdimensional wormhole.  I can say that I feel productive and rejuvenated, and I can even let slip the fact that there was a rather bizarre piano/guitar “Stairway to Heaven” duet that went on, but only briefly.  We hope to do it again soon.  Next time with bunk beds.  And maybe Fatal Frame.

It was nice to turn off the TV and the Internet.  I came back to a zillion and a half emails and news of rocket launches and shootings, so I’m tempted to turn everything off here at home.  But my mind is clear.  Riffing off other people is great for the creativity.  I’m looking forward to creating some absolutely stunning literary art tomorrow.  Or something.  😛


Pieces out: 33

Goal: 40

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  1. I’ve always wondered what a writing retreat (or even a writer’s group) looked and felt like. We both know how I am about trying these things though. Plus, I find myself having too much work to do procrastinating when I should be studying and doing homework.

    Beyond that, I haven’t had an email from you in a long while, Mercedes. You had me missing you and I finally caved and messaged you here. Instead of through our usual way.

    Have fun getting back to the basics. ; )

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