Today I sang at a funeral.

Because I do things like that.  I even did a nice, sweet, funeraly song instead of something haunting and creepy.  You’re welcome.

I have also been playing Indigo Prophecy today.  “I need to hide the body!  I need to mop up all of this blood!  Augh, however shall I escape the police?!” I have realized two things from this:  1) I have been stressed to the max, and game playing always makes me feel better, and 2) I would be a horrendous criminal.  My bumbling shenanigans would terrorize the town for exactly 2.3 seconds before I was captured.  Gotham is safe from me, folks.

I found two anthologies that sparked my interest.  They are Demons: A Clash of Steel anthology and the Shadows of the Emerald City anthology.  I love taking beloved classics and discovering how dark they really are.  Malice in Wonderland, anybody?  Seriously, sometimes I’m surprised that we’re not all super jacked up.  More than usual, I mean.


Pieces out: 32

Goals: 40

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