Yay! And Unyay!

I did it!  I booked my first Cup of Comfort for Parents of Children with Special Needs book signing!  It’s in my home town during the fair.  I’m excited because it was a Big Scary Step and I took it.  I also have a few other things in the works, so we’ll see.  Anyway, I thought that I’d start with my hometown because it isn’t as frightening.  Any my mother is there.  🙂

I used to run a lot, and then it dwindled down to nothing.  I’ve started up again, and it feels really good.  I have a little Nike Plus mini that dances around on my Facebook page and says how far I have gone.  Most of the time I’m walking and pushing two kids in a stroller, and that’s awesome, too.  We’re covered in sunscreen and smell like Disneyland.  I used to think up my writing ideas as I ran.  Now I’m more worried about running through the broken glass that litters the road.  I think of stories right before I fall asleep.  Then I forget them.

My friend told me that he had a tick attached to his lower eyelid.  I shuddered and danced around the house in revulsion.  Sure, I have written about a vampire, but the honest-to-goodness concept of something drinking your blood?  It’s so abhorrent.  It’s so vile.  That blood is mine, I created it, and it belongs in the body!  You should see me go ballistic around mosquitoes and horseflies.  How dare they?  I mean, really?

Las Vegas, like everywhere else, is panicked about the Swine Flu.  It’s all over the news.  “We have two flights come in from Mexico a day!  Wash your hands!  Stay home if you’re feeling the slightest bit tired!”  I turned off the news and watched the second X-Files movie instead.  It was disappointing, but still beats swine flu news.  Barely.

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8 Comments on “Yay! And Unyay!”

  1. One question: blood type personality? Is that where your blood starts having a personality, like an attitude or being shy? (Should I or should I not flow this way? The traffic is horrid… I hate my life). :p

    Swine flu news. I might have it. Can’t really tell much. I have something flu-like. But it’s lightened it’s load on me and I’m doing fine. Not a big deal. A person gets sick and gets over it. What’s to be that afraid of? It has a 7% mortality rate in Mexico! Mexico! And the cases in the States have been much more mild than there. So, really. What the hell is the fuss about? We get the flu thing every… single… year. Vaccine depletions and all sorts of things. Mutations of strands that’ve rendered entire supplies of vaccines useless… yet, nothing huge has happened.

    Anyway, enough of that rant. lol.

    Talk to you soon, Mercedes.

  2. Yea!! Book signings! You rock!

    Swine flu does not and neither did the second X-files movie. I’m not sure which is worse to be honest…

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