Cupcakes and Crime

My sweet and tiny next door neighbor was mugged last night, less than a block away from our house.  She’s pretty bruised and shaken up, but other than that, she isn’t badly physically hurt.  All I can think is: less than a block away?!  What a jerk.  What a coward.   She’s probably less than five feet tall.  I hope this guy broke his leg when he hopped the fence.  I hope the police get him.  No, I hope her husband gets him!  He terrifies me on the best of days.

In other news, I dyed my friend’s hair black yesterday.  It was awesome!  I dearly love prettying men up.  I can think of nothing finer.

I just worked on my lilting, soul-crushing story.  What a surprise it has been!  The rather whimsical “Tra la la!” tone has turned itself down a bit, but it’s still full of haberdashery and charm.  I’m putting it away for the evening, and I’m feeling good about myself.  I’m also thinking about baking cupcakes tomorrow and running them to the neighbors.  At a time like this, I think they need to know that there are still good things left in the world.

2 Comments on “Cupcakes and Crime”

  1. Muggers suck.

    There are so many crimes that are more lucrative and less offensive. Like hacking into a bank’s computers, or cutting into a bank’s vault after hours, or mugging a bank’s president. (I know that’s still mugging, but it’s somehow less offensive when it happens to a banker, know what I mean?)

  2. Maybe the next pretty little thing will turn out to be a man in drag. Who happens to be trained in Mui Tai kick boxing. That would be awful wouldn’t it? Simply awful ; )

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