Down to the Wire!

This weekend was full of rollercoasters, Memorial Day sales, and delicious goodness. My family and I enjoyed real quality time, and got to know each other again. We took walks, hung pictures in the living room, and played on the swing set outside. I even submitted a few things. But know what I didn’t do?

Write. And now I’m going to pay.

The Illiterati is going to sink their teeth into my tender skin and drag me off to the wrong side of the interdimensional wormhole tracks tomorrow. And that is going to suuuuuuuuck! Unless I can save myself tonight! I actually attempted two separate stories this weekend, but they failed miserably and I decided to put them on hold. I wanted one to have a light, fanciful tone, and the other to have a sinister, eerie tone, but they switched. So the goodness and light story was deadly somber and my despairing, cautionary tale was all, “Wheeeeee!” Usually I let the stories play themselves out, and most likely that’s what I should have done, but it was a long, holiday weekend. I just tossed my papers up to the sky.

And, ladies and gents, it was fabulous.

Pieces out: 37
Goal: 40

One Comment on “Down to the Wire!”

  1. So now there are seagulls flying around with snippets of your short stories clutched in their beaks?

    I don’t know why I assume seagulls are involved. Wait, were you even at the beach?

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