Fabulous Secret Powers Were Revealed To Me

Three years later, and this is still one of my favorite videos ever. It’s so gloriously campy.

I loved last night’s writer’s group meeting!  The speaker was Vicki Pettersson, the author of The Signs of the Zodiac Series. She was a fun speaker, both witty and accessible, and I came home feeling inspired. She talked a lot about how writing means hitting your word count, day in and day out. I used to be such a stickler for that, too, but I’ve gone all Attention Deficit lately. I think I’ve been lost in between projects. I’m working on maybe four or five at a time, and I think I should commit to just one or two. I need to figure out exactly when I’m going to A) write and B) run, and then I believe my world will spin smoothly on its axis.

Ahahaha! Like that will ever happen! 🙂

Today I’d like to revise my query later using the advice that I received. I’d also like to work on a story that I started…I was going to say, “If I can find the time”, but that just shows how holey my mindset has become lately. Since when have I ever found time for anything? I go out and make it.

I submitted a short story last night, so my submission count is up to 32. I’m sloooooowly getting there. Let’s see what this long weekend can accomplish. Writing, holiday sales, and homemade hot chocolate are also on my list.

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