Hello, Inbox!

Today is the day that editors are taking care of da bizness, apparently.  Two poem rejections, one poem acceptance (“Klastos” will be in the Spring 2010 issue of Illumen), a final round short story rejection after 237 days (Nooooooo!) and an “I’m sorry, our funding has been rescinded.  Here is your poem back, unread,” email.  All in all, a fruitful day…of suckiness!  I’m happy about my poem in Illumen, of course.  But the short story rejection?  I am the Queen of “Close, but no cigar”, I tell you.  I make it to final rounds and then I fall under the axe.  I mean, yay on making it that far, but the end result is still a rejection, and a fistful of broken dreams and chaos.  Or whatever it is that writers are supposed to say.  I forget.  I still love that magazine, though!  It’s fantastic.  🙂

I really ought to go Duotrope stalking, since I have a handful of pieces coming out…sometime?  Unless they already have?  They’re forever trapped in limbo, having been accepted quite some time ago and then disappearing into space.  But the madhouse of submissions and dutiful ninja-esque magazine spying has been put on the back burner while I focus on other things.  There’s always a mad flurry activity while I work on THIS or THAT or THE THING OVER THERE, and I’m only an average juggler.  It’s like an Eye of Newt stew, and I take care of whatever is bubbling to the surface at that particular point in time.  Which is why, with today’s email influx, my submissions have dropped to 27.

Dear heavens.

But forward, ho, on the queries and things that I’m under deadline for.  When that’s squared away, then on to writing!  And submitting!  And so on and so forth, inserting perky, optimistic things here.

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  1. Yea for the Illumen poem! I’d think of more to say, but 7:30 is sounding like a good time to crash…

  2. Murdock!!!

    Natalie, I’ll be Queen, you’ll be Duchess, and we’ll have a troupe of Korean Boy Band jesters. We’ll almost take over the world…but not quite.

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