In Which One Cheats

It’s not cheating; it’s being savvy.  So while crawling around in a migraine-induced haze, I went to a Very Necessary Meeting.  After the meeting, my magnificently loud Italian friend said to me, “So how are your signings coming?”

Me: (gagging with my tongue out.  High on pain relievers, let me remind you.)

Her: You hate calling on the phone, don’t you?

Me: Mmm-hmmm.

Her: I’ll call for you.

Me: Wha-?!

Her:  Sure!  Tell me what to say!  I can make a few phone calls, read a script.  See ya!

Me: (secretly in love)  Really?!

So.  That’s what I’m going to do.  I’ll email phone numbers, what to say, and offer her half of everything I make for each booking.  Which will be half of almost nothing, but hey!  If she was willing to do it out of the kindness of her heart, she should at least get something.  Win/win for both of us.  Rock on!

Also, I was reading my non-writing blog.  This time last year I was excited that I had seven whole pieces out!  Seven!  I hoped to hit ten, but hardly dared to dream that big.  Awesome.

Signings booked: 1

Signings in the works: 1

Speaking engagement in the works: 1

Pieces out: 33

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  1. So. I get to see you on the big stage pretty soon here, don’t I? When you get going you remind me (only slightly, in the tone of the narrative) of my favorite author Roberto Bolano. Or it could be that I’m reading his writing, thinking back to yours with only a vague memory, and comparing the two through a biased prism. But hey, at least you know I’m rooting for you, right? haha.

    Also… your nanomail, woman! I have another poem for you to read and much, much more. Whatever I’ve sent you already, actually. Which really isn’t that much.

    Talk to you soon.

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